-TRAVELLING- USA Basketball National Team

The definitive video, the last explanation, the clearest, powerful and easy going version. Such good vibes!

First, let me make it clear: all teams must play under the same rules in London 2012. But, for some reason USA Team players travel…. a lot.  This video asks them to “unlearn”, in order to compete under the same circumstances so we can get the best championship ever played.

The guy from the grocery store, my physio, my neighbors, the shopkeeper, my brother in law -acting lke a fool in the pool-, Quini, Josefo from Nuevo Rialto Bar… everyone knows the difference between traveling and legal actions. So do you? Do not panic. We think Lebron and Kobe neither.

So, for today, I beg you to watch the clip. I guarantee you two minutes of good old basketball fun. You are more the welcome if you click on the banners and share the video with your friends.  Thanks a lot!



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  1. EDU dice:

    impresionante el video, como te cojan los americanos te cuelgan.
    pd:con pasos o sin pasos son invencibles.


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